Political Science and International Relations is a field of social sciences that examines any form of political relations. It investigates the issues that emerge as an outcome of human coexistence in political orders by using concepts like power, system, state, government, and others. It analyses and compares who gets what why and how in the field politics. It tries to uncover actors’ behavioral patterns and find out regularities among these. 


The Department aims to produce universal knowledge in the fields of Political Science and International Relations and teach that knowledge through a participatory method. Beyond transferring the already available approaches of the Political Science, the department seeks to become an institution that produces universal, understandable, sharable, comparable, competitive, and original knowledge and to encourage its students to be active participants in this productive process.  


The department aims to develop an original and acceptable attitude in analyzing political phenomena. Its aim is to teach the aldready existing approches of the Political Science literature to its students, make its students know about the literature but also train them as social actors who hold their own positions, include them into the systems of knowledge production. 

The graduates of the department are supposed to have the below mentioned competencies:

. Be aware of the main approaches of the Political Science,

. Learn how to make a research in the Political Science,

. Interpret the international system as a whole,

. Make a research in the domain, present this research under a form of a report or an original academic work. 

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