Students' Views


Jetmir Kurti / Political Science and International Relations

Before I came here I was dreaming with my friends about studying in Turkey but just few of us get this opportunity.  I found Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University which is one of the youngest universities with the widest campus. I believe that with IZU I can make my dreams come true. I’m very happy I’m here.


Allie Molla Achmet / Psychology

When I came from Greece I was excited and hectic, but thanks to the warm atmosphere, helpful friends and teachers I get used to be here. Despite the fact that I am foreigner I don’t feel strange. I want to thank Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University for all the opportunities.

Ozan GÜMÜŞ / Computer Engineering
The secretary of student council

The most outstanding feature of our university is that it is located in a district that is far from the crowd and rush of the city, and it is pretty calm and quiet. I am very happy that I study in such a quiet place. It is much easier than many other universities here in Turkey to get in contact with our teachers and administrators. I would also like to offer my special thanks to Student Affairs and the Health, Culture, and Sports Departments: thanks for their keen attention and interest. Also, the staff in the university is very friendly and ready to help all the time.

Neslihan YAVUZ / English Language
Teaching / Leader of Language Club

Our university is a place which is away from the crowd and stress of the city, and it is immersed in nature and history. Both our teachers and student clubs organized many different activities during the year. Therefore, I want to thank to them.

Hüsnanur EKŞİ / English Language Teaching 

The leader of Healthy Life and Sports Club

It is rather distinctive to be studying at IZU, which has such a large campus and is immersed in nature.

Abdülaziz ESEN / Computer Engineering
Leader of Information and Technology Club

Being among the first students in the computer engineering department, I feel myself one step ahead of the other university students when compared with them. I assumed that I would be facing many shortcomings in the university just because of our being the first students here, and yet, contrary to my assumptions, everything turned out to be totally, different. It has become a big university within a very short time. We are setting the pace on the path of becoming a good person, just as our late teacher Sabahattin Zaim indicated.

Ayşenur DOĞAN /President of Business
Administration Entrepreneurship Club

A school where Mehmet Akif spent some part of his educational life and which has many more memories from the past; an environment immersed in nature and interesting architecture: we are lucky because we are obtaining our education and preparing for life in this building.

Buğra ŞAHİN / / Department of Preschool Teaching 

Vice president of Student Union

Our university carries Mehmet Akif’s name and spirit, and is a university supported by an endowed foundation which was put in the service of today’s youth with the wisdom of our master, Sabahattin Zaim.

Ahsen GÜNDOĞDU / Computer Engineering 

President of Music Club    

Whenever I walked past this building in the past, I thought it was only a building, but when I entered the campus for the first time, I quickly realized that behind those walls was a nice environment which would turn whatever I do into fun. Though being a small place now, with its warmth and sincerity, it will be a good environment for everyone who comes here in the future.

Rıdvan POLAT / English Language Teaching

President of Excursion Club    

When I heard of the opening of this university, I became very happy and quickly made up my mind. I said to myself: “I will be a student here.” Now I’m a student here and am very happy.

Mehmet KISAR / Food Engineering

Member of Student Union   

I believe that, like Mehmet Akif and many other venerable and exalted people who were once students in this building, we will benefit greatly from this institution and receive a very good education here. And by working hard and trying to have high moral standards, we will be their grandchildren, worthy of their names.


"A Campus University in The Middle of History"