Required Documents for Enrollment

Enrollment Procedures;
IZU enrollment dates are from July 3 to September 8. Students who are accepted should pay attention to some points are given below.

Click to download the necessary documents and their explanations for enrollment.
1-Acceptance Letter
2-Passport veya T.C Identity
3-Original Highschool Diploma
4-Original Highschool Transcript
5-Certificate of Equivalence “Denklik Belgesi”, 
6-Photos x4 
7-Deposit and Tution Fee Payment Receipts, 
8-Language Proficiency Certificate (if applicable)
9-Residence Permit (if applicable)
You must come to the student affairs personally for registration and bring the required documents.

Tuition Fees and Payments
Applicants wishing to enroll must pay the first installment or full payment of tuition fees.
The student’s previous deposit payment will be deducted from the tuition fee.
Students with T.C citizenship can make tuition fees in 10 installments when they go to the bank.
Students who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey can pay tuition fees in two installments, as first and second semesters. 
Students who want to pay the tuition fee at one time receive 5% discount
For students who applied before 12.06.2017 receive 5% early application discount.
For our students who are siblings, receive 10% discount.
Students must pay tuition fees within the registration dates.

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Account Informations:
IBAN Number: TR08 0020 5000 0083 3555 8000 04
Swift Code: KTEFTRIS

Please add "Name-Surname, Passport No, Undergraduate Tuition Fee" in the explanation section.

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