Erasmus - Student Mobility

Erasmus Higher Education Student Learning Mobility

We aim to present individuals with learning mobility and students in higher education with occupational development opurtunities abroad so that they can improve their sufficiency. Within this scope, individuals who are continuing their higher education that feel the need to enhance their education opputunities abroad so that they are able to adjust to the education work life, will need to support the activities below in order to gain the skills that are required.

Student Mobility: University students studying in universities abroad either in a higher education institution or in a company can do traineeship in any institution/organization.

What is the student selection method?

The applications will be taken from the web address. In order for the student application to be evaluated their AGNO needs to be 2.2 at the very least. Press for the IZU conversion note table The student needs to do the English B2 language test and get atleast 70 points. The students AGNO is converted to the hundred system, language tests points get chosen according to their arithmetic average. Applicants who meet the conditions above, get ranged according to their points. After the minimum quotas get filled, additional quotas get filled from different faculties. This way students who will go with grant would be identified. In the ongoing durations students will be chosen according to the success ranking from the backup list to replace the students who have waived from the quotas. Students who have an average of 2.2 and who have exceeded the 70 point foreign language barrage can participate in the mobility without grant "0 grant".

Which Mobility Institutions Can Students Participate In?

Education oriented student mobility; the sender and the homeowner establishments ECHE owner must be from a higher education institution.

To view the IZU Erasmus Agreement Click Here

Traineeship oriented student mobility; the sender institution ECHE owner must be from a higher education institution. Homeowner establishment should be a labor market or an educational activity in the public or a private establishment. The students will be responsible for finding their own traineeship place.

What are the tasks of the Participant Institutions?

Participant institutions that take place in Mobility projects will need to undertake these roles and tasks: The establishment sender: is responsible for student and staff choices and is also responsible for sending them abroad. This task includes; grant payments, observing, understanding and preparing for the mobility period. Homeowner establishment: Accepting students/staff who come from abroad will be responsible for recommending education/traineeship or activity programs.

What is the duration of the activities?

The duration of the activities changes according to the type of activity. Education oriented student mobility; between 3 to 12 months. Traineeship oriented student mobility: between 2 to 12 months. Where Do I Apply? IZU Erasmus applications will be received from the IZU campus information system.

To access the IZU campus information system click here.

Academic Condition, Course Registration, and Academic Fees

Equivalent courses will be considered in correspondence to the required courses that are needed to be taken in the Turkish higher education institution. It is highly essential for the student to have a recognition between the courses they have taken at their own institution and the courses at institution they will go to. This way the registration and the learning agreement that they sign before the changing term will be guaranteed. The course name and the course content are not expected to be similar one to one, as long as the course content is similar to a large extent. When making course selections, the aim for the first term should be 30, and for the first year 60 AKTS credits should be aimed. During the student mobility, the student agreement and transcript will be acknowledged for all the courses that have been taken. The student does not need to pay any additional exam fee to the institution they get their education at, they will only need to continue paying their IZU education fee.

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