Application Requirements

Required documents are given below;

  1. 1-Online Application Form

  2. 2-Original High school diploma or an official letter from your high school indicating that you are to be graduated at a given date.

  3. 3-Copy of the first page of your passport, which shows identification information.

Important Note: All the required documents must be either in Turkish or English. If not: they must be translated in Turkish or English and approved by the notary public or Turkish Republic Foreign Representative Offices.

Important Note: Originals of all the documents submitted at the application must be submitted on between the dates of registration. Failing to do so will cause your application to be deemed invalid and you will not be registered.

Applicants for 100% and 75% scholarships are required to submit additional documents, which are as follows:

İstanbul University Exam for International Students (İÜYÖS) exam result. Validity duration of the exam result is limited to 2 years. It means exam results that are dated before 2014 are not accepted.

  • YÖS (International Student Selection) test scores are considered in the application process, but are not required. We strongly recommend that applicants prepare for and take the YÖS before applying to IZU. An absence of YÖS scores may hinder the admissions committee’s ability to evaluate your application. The admissions committee does not use YÖS scores mechanically, but rather considers them within the context of your complete application. Extensive research shows that YÖS scores are a strong predictor of success at higher education, and are thus very helpful to the admissions committee.

Language proficiency certificate for the language of the program that you are applying for.

It is strongly recommended that you attach at least one nationally or internationally (e.g: SAT, ACT, GCE, TQDK, etc.) accepted exam result to your application.

Letter of intent introducing yourself, explaining aims and reasons why you are applying for to IZU.

At least 2 references acquired through the online application form.

Other supporting documents such as course attendance and skills certificates.

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