The Faculty of Islamic Sciences provides a minimum 4-year undergraduate period of study, after 1-year of compulsory Arabic Language Preparatory Class. Compulsory Arabic Preparatory Education is carried out by expert Turkish and Foreign Arabic language teachers at Halkalı Campus of the University. The experienced academic staff at the Faculty will be enriched and enlarged with new native or foreign teaching staff over time.
The 4-year undergraduate education is provided with 30% Arabic as the medium of instruction in addition to Turkish. Also, we strive to enable our students to learn and improve English as well.  To do so, we also envision sending successful students abroad during breaks for this purpose.
Furthermore, students of the Faculty will have the chance to take elective courses from other departments, as they continue their education in the field of Islamic Sciences.
The faculty is also part of partnership programs and student exchange programs. For further information on this issue, you may refer to the International Office of the university.


Apart from sincere commitment to the basic values of Islamic religion, the faculty aims to educate and train individuals who conduct original and objective research in the field of religious studies, particularly in basic Islamic Sciences; who are experts in their fields with a good grasp of Islamic culture and equipped with a competent pedagogical formation; who can work as teachers of religion and religious officials; who contribute to our national, religious, moral and historical values, without neglecting social and cultural developments in this changing world and in parallel with scientific and technical developments; and who have a high self-esteem and set sight on providing society with values that will ensure material and spiritual improvement in that respect.


As Faculty, we aim to educate and train competent experts who produce knowledge consonant with the needs of society and pertinent to academic principles in terms of genuine and universal values of religion; who interpret this knowledge according to the necessities of the time and Islamic values; who convey this knowledge in an effective and correct manner for the sake of individual's mental health and public peace; who disseminate this knowledge in line with protecting and improving our historical and cultural identity; and who are pioneers at both national and international levels.

"A Campus University in The Middle of History"