Message From The Dean

Dear Students;
The purpose of our Faculty is to equip our students with the skills of legal thinking; the ability to bring legal solutions for any existing and future legal issues; the awareness of working for the benefit of the society. Setting out as a foundation university, our İZÜ Faculty of Law has a compatible target with this purpose - which is to facilitate justice in all areas as an educational, training and research centre. We especially give importance to transferring the age's knowledge and methodology to our students, starting from the legal heritage of our geography and civilization.
The purpose of İZÜ Faculty of Law is to build the infrastructure to train good quality, well-equipped law people to meet the need of our country. Within the context of understanding the historical heritage, Ottoman language is paid extra attention to. In addition to Turkish and English classes, our students also have the opportunity to learn Arabic and legal German and improve themselves. Also, with our Faculty that consist of leading academics with immense background in their field, our extensive opportunities will enable our students to get the best education possible.
Prof. Dr. Mustafa ATEŞ

"A Campus University in The Middle of History"