Grants and Discounts



Preference Scholarship

For the students who have chosen our university within the first three (3) preferences as per the result of 2013 YGS-LYS and who have been placed in one of the programs of our university in this three (3) preferences, a 20% discount will be applied during their normal education duration. Students who are enrolled for partial scholarship programs cannot benefit from preference scholarship. Students who are placed in one of our bachelor's degree program while they attend any bachelor's degree programs in other universities, cannot benefit from the preference scholarship specified in this article.

YGS-LYS Ranking Scholarship

Students who ranked in YGS-LYS 2013 score rating (Except language score types and those placed with additional points) on national scale in Turkey and students who are placed in our University by ÖSYM as per their preference, scholarship will be paid for the students monthly for 9 months in cash;

2500 TL for those within the first 100,

2000 TL for those between the first 101 and 500,

1500 TL for those between the first 501 and 1000 and 100% discount on education fee,

1000 TL for those between 1001 and 2000 are provided with %50 discount and given 1000TL scholarship in cash.

Students who ranked in 2013 Language score rating (Except those placed with additional points) on national scale in Turkey and students who are placed in our University by ÖSYM as per their preference of scholarship programs, scholarship will be paid for the students monthly for 9 months in cash;

2500 TL for those within the first 10,

1900 TL for those between the first 11 and 50,

1400 TL for those between the first 51 and 100,

1000 TL for those between 101 and 200 will be paid in cash.

YGS-LYS Ranking Scholarships are for one year for foreign language preparatory education and four years for bachelor's degree education. Students who have been graduated from another higher education institution cannot benefit from YGS-LYS Raking Scholarship. c) Academic Achievement Scholarship:

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Except those who are placed into full scholarship programs by ÖSYM, a discount ranging from 10% to 100% over the education free of the following year is applied for the students who does not receive any disciplinary punishments, who takes all courses and fulfill the condition of attendance and who achieves a weighted grade point average of at least 3.50 and those who ranks in the first 5 (five) students in their departments.

Sibling Discount

In the event that more than one siblings attend education in our university, a discount of 10% for each siblings over the fee paid for the relevant program. Sibling discount is valid as long as the sibling continues his/her education.

Region Discount

For the students living in Avcılar, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Bakırköy, Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt and Küçükçekmece and who are placed to paid bachelor's degree programs of our University (Except partial scholarship bachelor's degree programs) by ÖSYM and who completed exact registration are provided a 10% of discount. (For region discount, dwelling address announced to ÖSYM is taken into consideration)

Undergraduate Transfer

Student of our University enrolled for full or partial scholarship program can be transferred from another bachelor's degree program our university if they fulfill the required conditions.

Double Major / Minor

On the condition that students of our university fulfill the conditions of acceptance for double major and minor programs, they can attend major and minor programs without any additional education fees in any bachelor's degree programs during their normal education duration according to quota.

Founding Foundation Scholarship

Among the students who are graduated from Private İrfan College bound to our Founding Foundation and who are enrolled to paid bachelor's degree programs of our University (except bachelor's degree programs with partial scholarship);

10% discount will be applied for students attended this college for 3 complete years,

%20 for those attended for 6 years, and 25% additional discount for those attended 8 years in the college over the normal education fee.

Students who stayed for one (1) complete year in secondary school or university preparation dormitories of Science Dissemination Foundation, on condition of verifying with a document, are provided with 25% discount if they prefer paid bachelor's degree programs excepting partial scholarship programs and complete their exact registration.

Benefiting from Grants

A student can only benefit from a single scholarship. For those who achieved the right for more than one scholarship, only the higher amount of scholarship is provided. However, this decree is not applied for the scholarships assigned through Decision of the Committee such as Founding Foundation Scholarship, discounted granted through Commission.

 For detailed information related to scholarship and discounts, see the Scholarship Directive of our University.

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