Recognition of Prior Learning

The existing training acceptance procedures, including both formal and informal learning, are at the beginning of the development phase in Turkey and there is no comprehensive and adequate legal framework at the national level in this regard. However, there are also a number of institutional-level implementations for the assignment of loans that are exempt from certain RPL-based program requirements within the framework of institutional autonomy. Particularly at a comprehensive level, students who have knowledge and skills in areas such as foreign language, computer use, etc. before entry into the university are subject to a test and students who achieve a certain level of success by the program they are admitted to are exempt from the relevant parts of the curriculum. However, the RPL also applies to students who wish to transfer to another institution that is at or above the level of their field of study, including abroad. In such cases, students may be exempted from courses that are similar to or similar to the ones they have already received and are successful, in the case of approval of the program's accreditation body.

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