The Language Training in USA in Cooperation with IZU and ELS


Our students will benefit from the reduced prices of ELS Language Schools thanks to the agreement between ELS Language Schools and our university.

ELS Language Schools are between the best language schools that have served for 50 years in USA. American universities provide opportunity of having English language education in their campuses. Mary Washington University is one of those universities. You can benefit from all the social and physical opportunities of the university that you study in, as long as you take education from the ELS Language Schools.

ELS Language Schools are the biggest practitioners of TOEFL, IBT and IELTS, which are standardised English proficiency exams of USA. They have been chosen as the fastest language centres. You can directly pass to the 650 university in USA with the language certificate that you take from ELS Language Schools.

There are two different language programmes as ‘focused English’ and ‘English for academic purposes’. Within ‘academic English’ programme, our student will not only learn academic use of English but also they will develop their English level generally. This programme aims students to specialize in English within their university lives.

The students, who want to attend to the English Language Programme in Mary Washington Campus, can stay in the dormitory of the university with special prices. The dormitory has flats for four in a floor. Each flat consist two rooms, which have double beds, two bathrooms and one sitting room. There are laundry rooms, TV rooms and resting areas for students in each floor.

Our students will take the course that will start on 27th June 2016. You can directly contact with the IZU International Office for application to the programme and the detailed information about the course that lasts for two months. The last application date is 23rd May 2016.


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