Message From The Dean

Dear Students ;

In this contemporary age, as information, communication and technology are in a state of rapid change, the level of development of countries is evaluated in terms of how much weight is given to education and science. The most significant determinant of the educational system is the quality of the teachers who perform within the system. In this context, to train well-equipped teachers adequate for the requirements of the age is a primary responsibility of the faculty of education. Hence, the main objective of our faculty is to train our students, in line with the basic principles of Turkish national education as dictated by the Ministry of Education, as teachers who are able to think clearly and precisely, are modern, free in their personal preferences, self-confident, espectful of human values, tolerant and disciplined, having sympathy for democratic ideals, equipped with all the necessary technical and technological background, and possessing integrity, people to whom we can entrust our children. The aim of the Teacher Training Department is to train fully equipped teachers who can combine three dimensional professional knowledge, field information and general culture with school practices. There are the Departments of Foreign Languages Teaching, Educational Sciences and Primary Education in our faculty. Under these departments we ave the subdivisions of English Language Teaching, Guidance and Psychological Counseling and Pre-school Education. We congratulate the students who preferred our faculty to others, and we believe that they will study in a peaceful environment and are well on their way towards a successful future.

With all my good wishes, it is a pleasure for me to

Welcome to you.

"A Campus University in The Middle of History"