The Department of Preschool Education offers a four-year programme leading  to a bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education. The Bachelor’s Degree Programme is a 240 ECTS credit programme of 4 years composed of 8 semesters, each with a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS is equal to 30 hours of student workload per semester .

The aim of the Department of Preschool Teacher Education is to train teachers who are  qualified enough to apply and cope with the demands and challenges of the contemporary scientific advances in the field of pre-school education.The undergraduate programme in Preschool Education also aims to impart knowledge and   develop skills of those who will be working in various environments with   children up to the age of 6 years.

The aim is not simply to train preschool   teachers but also to educate competent professionals who will be working with   the families of young children, with the social institutions related to health   and education, and with the community to promote community development. The   programme combines theoretical training and field experience and offers a vision   based on current research.

Graduates can easily be employed by the Preschools of State and Private Schools. They can also work for the preschool sections of rehabilitation centers for the  handicapped children and carry out graduate and postgraduate studies in universities.


People, society, nature, sensitive to his / her place of social development and understanding of the profession, the profession gained competence and ethical responsibility, continuous improvement perceived as a way of life, scientific thinking, adopting the format of the public benefits in light of the effective use of information and communication technologies, creative and critical thinking, communication skills, winning, the profession has adopted the framework of the Basic Law of National Education to train pre-school teachers.


The programme educates students who provides learning environment which is appropriate for physical and cognitive development of children who are between 0-66 month. The pre-teachers gain properties about parents trainning, support children about social, emotional,cognitive development. The programme also expands students about children rights, democracy, human rights, sensitivity to different cultural values and preparing children to primary school.


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