The vision of our program is to educate highly motivated teachers who think critically, innovative, creative, have value jurisdiction for gifted and talented students, to contribute to fulfill gifted and talented individuals’ potentials and the use of their experience to the benefit of our country and of all mankind.


Being able to realize the affective goals in Gifted and Talented children's education and gain an understanding of education focusing on these goals.


Being able to provide communication and social skills to gifted students and improving their social acceptance * The continuity of gifted student’s education life, the guidance to families about their rights and responsibilities related to special education and being able to work with them * Being able to use the applications based on especially scientific methods efficiently while training gifted students * Being able to prepare and apply individualized education programs in order to meet the needs of gifted students * Having the necessary information about the developmental characteristics of the children showing normal development as well as gifted children * Removing or minimizing the behavior problems reducing the level of participation of gifted students and peers in educational activities and the effectiveness of offered training * Being able to conduct the inclusive applications efficiently * Informing the classroom teacher, branch teacher, school administrators about the legislations concerning gifted student’s education and being able to make interdisciplinary collaboration regarding the support and development of gifted students * Being able to take part in social responsibility projects in the field of ??special education * Being able to use basic level of foreign language and information technologies in the purpose of teaching and research * Aims to provide the ability for doing the task in the legal and ethical rules frame.

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