Chairman's Message

Dear Youth,

Our university, despite being "new" in terms of its date of establishment, is a well-established institution from the point of intellectual accumulation and experience which it is grounded on. Our university has been built on firm bases as a by-product of a well-established tradition and great experience of both our Founding Foundation and our Board of Trustees, for many years in the field of education-teaching.

Our goal is to educate a young generation who combines the past with the future in all fields, ranging from the humanities and social sciences to engineering and the natural sciences, who blends the local and the universal, and who can form a balance between the tradition and the modernity as well.  The objective is to establish an educational tradition based on gaining insight with a questioning nature, which puts emphasis on the appreciation of thought, research and analysis rather than relying on a system based on rote-learning.

In this context, it can be seen that Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University has a quite advantageous position from the point of university-industry cooperation considering its experienced founding, administrative and academic personnel on the one hand, and its location in Istanbul, which is one of the most significant cities in the world, on the other hand.

We are very thankful to all who support our endeavor, first and foremost, to parents who share our enthusiasm, and welcome all valuable students who have decided to choose our university.

Prof. Dr. Ramazan EVREN Chairman of Board of Trustees


"A Campus University in The Middle of History"